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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Weave workshop at the Art Center in Moultrie!

Had workshop tonight.  Boy is this turning out to be fun.

When I got to class my student was there ready and waiting even though I was early. 

I had e-mailed her a list of supplies for building herself a loom like mine, low and behold she already had it most of the way built.  We had to do some tweaking of course, and she will no doubt have to do more tweaking along the way to get her loom to suit her needs.

We did indeed get it warped up and figure out most of what else she might need to do to make it serviceable.  When she left it was warped, heddles in place, header woven, half hitches tied and ready to weave.  I am so excited for her!

Turned out she is a professional business woman, just a little intimidating...but a great do-it-your-self-er and I think we are going to have alot of fun with this.

I also had a woman come by to talk to me about a workshop for spinning yarn on a spindle.  She is hoping to do her workshop in October.  I have also had an inquiry from a gentleman about bead weaving class.  So we'll see. 

Wish me luck and stayed tuned.  Same bat channel same bat time!  TTYL.

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