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Monday, September 27, 2010

Thursdays is Weave Workshop!

I just got home from my weave workshop and I got a couple of nice surprises.

My student brought me cotton plants...roots and all.  I am going to do a weaving with the part that the cotton boll comes out of.  It leaves a kewl star looking piece that I have used in a weaving before years back.  The piece was made of homespun ginned only cotton with the plant heads woven right in.  It hung over my bed for years.  On either side of it hung a candle stick made from a boat shuttle.  Ms. Carol (think roommate) found those for me quite by accident at a garage sale.  I still have them, and they are 2 of my most prized possessions.

I will post pictures of them soon...I need to clean them up first.  We have very old plaster walls here that are like concrete so I haven't hunt up any of my wonderful handcrafted items.  I even have a blanket holder that doubles as a small shelf that my ex handmade me out of oak that I would love to hang in my room....such is life.  I will not always live in one room.

Then as if that were not enough, she also took out new beam boards that she shaped and sanded herself so that I could use them to down-size my smallest loom to an even smaller size.  Perfect for the bracelets I have been weaving.  Now I have my very large 32 in loom, a 24 in and the smallest will be one foot.  Turned out that the 2 foot one was overkill...if I am going to lug it around I might as well take the 23 in.  Besides, I haven't been taking one to class as I spend my time watching and helping her.  I want her to have my undivided attention.  She works, I don't, I have lots of time to weave at home.

We also adjusted the supports on the stand for my Rigid Heddle.  We added holes to them so that I can make that loom more vertical than horizontal.  I took a bad fall a few years back and looking down really bothers my neck and shoulders.  This was also one of the reasons backstrap weaving was hard on me.  If I used the backstrap while it was tied to something on an uphill slant it was fine.  Unfortunately, in my small confines at home I didn't have that option.  The new little loom will actually even sit in my lap!

Happy Birthday to me!  I have really enjoyed helping Dana with her endeavors to weave to the point that I should probably be paying HER!  LOL

Oh yeah!  I almost forgot, I took her some handspun white cotton from the punis, some periwinkle cotton and two small skeins of wool that I scoured, dyed with kool aid and spun when I first got my spinning wheel.  I thought she might like to play with something besides store bought yarns.  I think she was pleased.  I hope so anyway.

Then my daughter called and I may even be going to North Carolina for a few days next week to visit her.  I hope so I miss her terrible.

So that folks, brings us up to date with what is going on in my small corner of the world.  Let me know how yours is going!

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Melissajanh said...

I really want to learn to weave one day...right along with severl hundered other thngs I want to learn to do!! haha

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