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Friday, September 10, 2010

Just an update!

Things have been moving so rapidly for me.  Today is Friday.  Tuesday was my first Beginner Spindle yarn spinning class, no students yet.  Wednesday all day at the Art Center getting things cleaned and in order.  Thursday brought in my next workshop, Beginner tapestry, I had my first student in that one.  As soon as the class was over I went out to look into the Annual Quilt show that the Art center has each year.  Oh yeah, can Carol and I went to Albany yesterday before class to cruise the nearest art stores.  You basically have to travel an hour to get to any of them.  It was a very ART filled day.

I did a big display of my fiber arts items in a huge glass case so people from the Quilt show could see them. A very lot of time has just gone into getting my room ready, at least 6 hrs a day.  Keep in mind I even have to go up to the attic and look through my myriad of boxes for supplies.   I did get a ph call on my way home from a woman interested in my classes.  She found the info while she was at the Quilt show.  Potential there!

I also spent time this week scouring and cleaning up some wool for spinning.  Still lots more wool to do though.  Also looking for local cotton gins and preparing the cotton for spinning.

I have also been doing as much research as possible to make things easily accessible for my workshops.  Lots of info printed and put on my huge bulletin board in the weave room. 

Just trying really hard to be organized and productive for the students.  I am not a formally educated instructor so I have really had to think hard on things like cirriculum.  I really want to reach my fellow fiber artists in a way that effects their day to day life and more importantly their creativity.  I want them to be so enthusiastic that we keep in touch and develop other workshops....or maybe just get to know some people will interests similar to mine and make new friends in this little tine town.  It truely isn't JUST about the money.

I will be taking some pictures on Saturday when I go to the center for my Beginner Peyote Bead Weaving workshop. I will then post them so that you get to see what goes on.  I go even if there are no students, just in case someone walks in and asks.  I need to make my presence known.  It also gets me out of the house and some art time of my own.  Having been a self-employed person for years as a Nail Technicial I know that you just HAVE TO BE THERE.

Today I get to stay home and actually do some of my own art.  I am doing some cotton on the spinning wheel, weaving Wiggles (the little brown dog) a new rug, and designing a new woven bracelet in my head.

I have to keep at least one loom empty so that I can teach Dana how to warp it when the time comes.  But my next project on the large loom will be a tapestry done with a cartoon.  The cartoon is a drawing that hangs behind your warp threads (remember those are the vertical threads) and you weave by the picture/cartoon.  That means I will have a pre-determined tapestry in mind.  Kind of like when I tried to do the Gecko by the grid...only I believe this will be somewhat easier to follow and it will be MY own design.  Hope it goes better than the gecko did.

So, that is what is going on in my little corner of the art world.  What goes on with you?

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