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Friday, September 24, 2010

Warped up my Kromski Rigid Heddle!

I decided before I sell my 32 inch Rigid Heddle, or even try to make a shawl on it, I should do a practice piece.  

Soooo....I gathered up all of the parts and decided to warp up for a small project (approximately 3 1/2 ft.).  I decided to do a couple of wash cloths out of some cotton I had around the house.  The warp is purple...and I think I will put a couple of sunshine yellow horizontal stripes on the first one.  I will probably use this warp for more than one cloth.

It has been a few years since I used this loom, so I went on line and googled Krompski Harp, Rigid Heddle loom.  New Voyager distributor came up and there were step by step video's on how to assemble, warp and weave on the loom.  Brilliant!  It was much easier to watch and do my warping step by step with him, than going back and forth to one of my books!

I took some pictures, and so far so good ( did forget to take pictures of the actual direct warping process :-(  ).

Threading through the slots and holes.

 All tied on!

The header all set up for the spacing.

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averilpam said...

Lovely loom. I have a small Kromski harp, 16inches, but haven't used it in ages as I prefer to weave with my homespun plied yarn,which is too thick for the harp, so I use an Ashford with bigger gaps in the heddle.

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