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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Today is my birthday!

I am 50 freaking 2 today....HOW DID THAT HAPPEN, I was just 28?

As you already know my new friend Dana gave me new boards to make a smaaaaallllllllll loom.  She thinks they wee just pieces of scrap lumber that she had laying around.  Me, I think they are the bomb.  I disassembled my smaller tapestry loom, which was really larger than I wanted, and made this...

Then I warped...I USED A WARP BOARD!  I finally got it right!!!!  Oops, forgot to take pics till after the warping board episode.  I attached it to two sticks, in backstrap fashion, then I warped the warp around this 'baby loom' and lashed the two sticks to one another.  Then I raised the top board with the nuts you see just under it....and waalaa warp board warp on frame loom, twice the length of the loom and rotateable just like a continuous warp with a warp bar.  I finally figured it out!  I also figured out how to do it the next time in a way where I can leave excess warp chained up behind the two sticks and add even more.  I had seen pics of this technique many times and I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW THEY DO IT!

Again I am the proud mama!

Theeeennnnnn.....I stared a horizontal stripe pattern.  Warpface.  Pictures here...

Then I went to Laverne Waddington's backstrap blog and tried to see if I could now do the "warp float" technique...LOOK WHAT I DID!

And now the close up!

Now I even have pics for the completed Rigid Heddle washcloths.  Remember these were just for practice out of scrap.  In other words the design was my last thought so the stripes are not even.  But they will still wash my face the same.  LOL

And that my friends is the update from my totally woven birthday.  The only other things I did, was talk/chat with friends and family.  Thank all of the who knows how many facebook fans for wishing me Happy Birthday, eat and of course have a couple of glasses of wine.

Last but certainly not least, Carol after getting my favorite of Fried chicken, (I hardly ever eat fried food), fried okra and pole beans, (don't forget the wine) then ordered me a killer book on Inkle Weaving!

Happy freaking 52nd birthday to me!

I love each and every one of you.  Max says I am even to watch for a box in the mail...a 17 lb box, what the heck could weight 17 lbs?  Can't wait.  So stayed tuned and I will keep you updated.

Same bat time same bat channel.  TTYL>!

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