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Monday, September 20, 2010

Update! Saturday is supposed to be Bead day!

Saturday is supposed to be bead day...all I need now is students!  However I had a great time anyway.

See my Tapestry workshop student still had to do a little tweaking to her loom and since she was in town anyway buying supplies from Home Depot I told her to stop in.

She actually came in to borrow a book from me, but I suggested that since we had the time we should put the second warp on her loom after we re-vamped it.  The first warp she did was wonderful, but we chose a not so awesome color/fiber and I really think it helps stay excited if you LOVE the yarn.  Plus practice makes perfect.

So we worked on the loom, and then as I had nothing to do but watch, she warped her own loom all by herself.  She made the sheds, wove the header, added her stabilizing half hitch row and wove about one inch of the same weft as the warp.  (This is generally done in case you want to turn it under and hem it, thus eliminating the  fringe.)

Then we sat and discussed strategy and design and fiber content to decide what her first piece will be like.  She chose red's and I suggested Acrylic yarn (I know).  Acrylic is more elastic, easy to obtain, and makes for more likelihood of even edges.  Cotton would be more likely to draw in causing a triangular weaving.  Not what we are ever after and definitely disheartening to the first time weaver.

When she left, we were both very pleased and excited.  Her because of her success and a game plan for the rest of the week.  Me because I finally have someone I can share my favorite art with in person.  I can't wait to see what she has done by Thursday's class.  I feel like I should be paying her!  LOL (Almost)

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Groovy Pumpkin said...

Cool - sounds great - I hope you'll have some pictures of the weaving soon. Jane xx

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