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Thursday, September 23, 2010

I came to my senses!

O. K. The Yarn Harlot just about lured me into the knitting vortex.  I have a weakness and it is almost like she knows it...damn her!  LOL! 

Admittedly I am not as much of a yarn harlot as she is, but I would be if I had the resources.  But ahhhhh, what is the weakness you may ask?  I love hand knitted socks.  There I said it, think ADMITTED it.  I actually went on a sock knitting binge of almost 2 years a while back.  Yup I sure did, and I learned a multitude of things. 

I learned people in Florida don't have a clue about hand knit socks.
I learned that finding sock yarn in the south sucks!
I learned that you never get the money out of them that you deserve.
I learned that the books lie, at least for me, SOCK KNITTING IS NOT EASY!
I learned that there are, who even knows how many different types of toes and heels.
I learned that knitting is an emotional subjective art (as are many art forms).  Everyone has a different  method.
Finally I learned the most important less of all...I love hand knitted socks, I HATE knitting them.  I LOVE hand knitted socks, the end result.  I HATE the process.  Tooooooo much math, and I wanted to take out an oozie and go postal when I would complete a pair and they won't fit me...sometimes not even anyone else I could gift them too.
But when someone asked my daughter where she got those cool yellow and pink socks, and she said "MY MOM MADE THEM FOR ME!"   I thought I would wet my pants.

Weaving is rarely frustrating to me, at least tapestry anyway.  I am good at it, enjoy the creativity of it, think freedom!

But mostly you don't WEAR my kind of weaving :-(. 

So I got out the knitting basket...again...then I took out the last pair I knit and took a good look.  I have several beautiful, artsy, knit myself for myself socks.  But that last pair...I dropped a stitch....even wore them, often and never noticed.  Until the last time I took out the sock knitting basket.  Then all of the frustration came/comes rushing back at me...and I put that silly basket away again.

I did stitch the loop of the dropped stitch down with a needle and thread.  It is on the bottom of the foot where no one else will ever see it.  BUT I KNOW IT IS THERE...and it bugs me that it is in a simple plain stockinette stitch...how the heck did I do that?

I am including some pictures of my socks...lots of them were gifted of course...some are on display at the Art Center.  I even thought about a workshop for sock knitting.  SILLY ME!

I think I will warp up my rigid heddle, maybe make myself some sort of wrap....


These are the ones with the dropped stitch.  The brown ones I handspun the yarn.  I made my deceased father a pair that were exact opposites.  Dark where mine were light and light where mine were dark. 

I especially love the pink/red opposites.

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