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Friday, September 10, 2010

I am spinning uncombed Cotton. So I thought I would just give you a little history.
I took a day trip a few years ago (while still living in FL) to find a cotton field. Came to GA and stopped an elderly man on a tractor and asked him if he knew where I could find a cotton gin. I had just bought my spinning wheel and wanted to see cotton growing in the fields and see if I could get my hands on some. He said "  I just happen to own one"  ,  and took me over to do a walk through.
Did you know they are huge?  Like BIG BARN huge.  I would never have thought so.  In my mind I thought maybe the size of a tractor trailer.  Never for one moment thought you could park multiple tractor trailers inside. 

He was a wonderful gentleman and after my tour he gave me several huge bags of cotton fiber, enough to actually fill a trunk. As I am now living in GA, i.e. cotton country, I think it behooves me to teach how to spin cotton from the local farms.
There are no spinning wheels at the Art center so I will be instructing with various types of spindles.  Most will be homemade of course.  I did indeed purchase the longest one.  It was my very first spindle and it is a Navajo spindle.
I will be making a few more with some stone whorls - the flat part.  My friend KraftyMax is sending me some semi precious pieces just for that purpose.  Can't wait to see them and to show them to you as well.  For now, these are the ones I will be working with.

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averilpam said...

I have never tried spinning cotton, it looks lovely!

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