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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New project!

I have been kind of out of touch lately...mostly because I have been very busy.

I have been trying to develop a new project as well as deal with my new responsibilities at the Art Center.  You see, I saw these bracelets made out of handwoven fabric.  Mostly they are done like wide cuffs in even weave fabric.  (Where you see both warp and weft.)  Well this is easy to do on the correct kind of loom.  But a tapestry loom does not lend itself to this type of project.  Nor for that matter, does it lend itself to warpface fabric as we have discussed in recent postings.

I have indeed done a few bracelets to this point.  

One was warpface, done during the backstrap learning learning curve, though I did do it on my tapestry frame loom.  Then I did one that had some warpface, and some even weave, both out of hemp on my tapestry loom.  These were not satisfactory because of certain structural features.  I had to get the length right and then off course develop a closure.  I really wanted this to be as near complete as possible when it came off of the loom .  In other words, I wanted to use its excess warp for closure or something easy along those lines.  

The first one was a complete wash, the second one is around my little dog Wiggles throat simply tied with a knot as a collar.  This last one actually fits and uses buttons and button wholes for a closure.  It is 2 1/2 in wide....too wide for my liking, I will stick closer to 2 in or less from now on.  It also fits a little snugger to my wrist than I like.  I wanted it a little bit looser.  Because it was too wide I had to use 2 button wholes (very difficult on a small piece such as this) because I didn't want it to curl around the button.  Tapestry weave is stiffer and I believe I will not have this problem on the next ones.

Following are pictures of the latest completed one.  But the one on the loom looks as though it is going to be the greatest success yet.  It is indeed tapestry weave (weftface) and already I am finding it beautiful, even though it is only 1 in wide ( a little more narrow than I want). 

Here are the pictures of the best one so far.

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