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Friday, September 14, 2012

Just a little update!

Today is September 14, 2012

Where does the time go? 

Things are mostly moving along like normal.  Looking forward to doign my Pine Needle basket demonstration at the local Library on the 22nd.  Hope I get some folks interested!

I got the most wonderful pkg in the mail today from my friend Dana in Georgia.  She has gifted me a copy of the new book by Laverne Wadding, Called "More Andean Pebble Weave".  It is something I have anxiously awaiting since the day I knew it was being written.  I am also pleasantly surprised that there are a couple of other techniques in the book that I have been dying to try out.  Look out girls and boys my weaving mojo is back in full swing.

At the moment, in preparation for the upcoming book I have been doing a little weaving.  I have even found a workable station set up for my backstrap.  Pictures to follow.  Simply put I took the 2 screen door handles and had them mounted on the wall in my little RV just far enough apart for the back bar of the loom to fit into.  Turns out that since I have a rug in that spot, my computer chair works great for weaving in and doesn't slide around on the rollers as it would on bare floor.  WALA!  Perfect.  When I am done weaving I just roll it up and strap it to the same handles and everything is out of the way of the rest of 'life'. 

Do keep in mind that I am using a library computer, old, slow and not the best software.  but I think you get the gist.

Now for the technique.  I have finally taught myself how to do color exchange.  In otherwords double faced (not double cloth) with reversible design work.  I am using one of Laverne Waddington's scroll ideas and mirroring them.  I am using #10 fabric so the design doesn't show as well as I might like, but at least I finally know how not to have the floats on the back side. I am not sure but I think that this technique is also called Intermesh.  If so it is going to make me understand alot more of the information in that new backstrap book.  wish me luck.

Pine in the above picture, and Blue on the bottom side. 

Of course I am still working on the baskets in between.  I am doing an oblong one at the moment with a wrapped center.  It is for my friend Dee who has loved me thru thick and thin and I hope that she likes it as much as I like doing it for her.

As with most things I learn by doing.  Last weekend I spent a good 6 hrs. working on a new technique with this basket and ended up so unhappy with it that I just tore it off.  I just can't give gifts to people that I wouldn't like myself.  Guess this will be the one that I work on in the demonstration on the 22nd.  No problem.  I will probably even get it finished at that point.

Lacy and Wiggles are my ever present companions and doing well.  We hope that all of you are as well and will look forward to doing a post again soon.

Don't do anything I wouldn't do!