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A "Pandula" is a flower which blooms only in one's imagination.


Thursday, July 12, 2012

Just to drop a line while I am at the Library.

I have completed one basket for the new great nephew that is due any day.  It turned out nice, but of course I forgot to load the pictures onto the thumb drive to bring with me to the library.  I will get better at that now that I am a little settled in. 

I have also been in contact with the Branch Manager of the local library branch and we are working out the details for me to do some demonstrations or maybe even classes.  Not sure which art form yet as we have just started chatting.

Work is work, I am still keeping an eye out for something with some more opportunity for growth, or even in the art field.  We have alot of museum's and galleries here in St. Augustine. 

I do have my new Kindle fire and I am on line more often.  I hope to be posting at least once a week again soon.

Thanks so much to all who are hanging in there with me through yet another change process in my life.

Also, Crystal Pistal is coming for the weekend all the way from Texas!  Awesome.  I may have to hug her so tight that she pops!

For now those are the highlights and I will say so long from me, Lacy and Wiggles!

TTYL xoxoxo