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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kind of burn out on weaving! Believe it or not!

It seems that once again I have woven myself into boredom.  I have immersed myself in it for about 3 months now (if not longer).  I warped and re-warped on Sunday and cut it off just to re-warped again.  Good thing it doesn't take much yarn to warp up my tapestry loom.  Anyway I seem to be totally uninspired.  Sooooo...

I started spinning up some cotton on my spinning wheel.  When I dug out all of my stash it turns out that, by my standards at least, I have plenty to spin and play with.  The real shame of it is that when I wove the piece for my periwinkle handbag it had to be smaller than I wanted because I THOUGHT I ran out of periwinkle yarn.  Technically I did run out of the yarn, but I had a huge bag of more of the roving that I could have spun up.  I just kept procrastinating on bringing the spinning wheel down out of the attic.  Anyway in the pictures that follow you will see that I do indeed have alot more of it.  The spool that you see spun is probably less than 1/2 of the roving.  YEAH!

The I decided to practice on some ginned, but not combed, cotton fiber.  I did a whole lot of it when I got the wheel, but it seems I have lost my knack for it.  I even 'teased' up a basket of it and it was still a pain.  More practice needed.

My friend KraftyMax sent me some beautiful semi precious donut's to make myself some new spindles.  Unfortunately for the moment I am without proper dowels to fit the whole.  Carol, think roommate, is very sick so Home Depot is still a few days away.  I thought I would really enjoy the beauty when I spin on them...I really want one that isn't homemade for some reason, and those stones will make it look custom made for me!  I love spindle spinning and since I am hoping for some spin workshops in the future they will no doubt come in handy.

Then I rediscovered a blogger that I love to read.  She is the Yarn Harlot and if you are at all fiber oriented and have a sense of humor you must go and check her out.  If I am correct she wrote the book called Stitch-n-bitch.  Great lady!  She has just about convinced me that I need to pick up my knitting...remember weave un-inspired.  Maybe not socks though, maybe a shawl of some sort.  Maybe even cotton.  We are in the south after all.  Maybe even donate it to the "Prayer Shawl" group at Carol's church.  If I even have the courage to pick up the needles.  We all know that knitting is not my best thing.

I did take some pictures though so here they are!

This is the Kromski spinning wheel called the "  Minstrel"  .

This part of the spinning wheel is called the "  Mother of All"  . 

Perwinkle and white cotton yarn!

Spinning wheel up close.

Proverbial Knitting basket!

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averilpam said...

I do understand, my little loom is currently folded away with a scarf I feel utterly uninspired to finish. I had a Kromski Mazurka (like yours but with single treadle) but I sold it and got an e-spinner. Not so beautiful but easier on my back and legs!
I've not tried spinning cotton yet but I'd like to.

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