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Monday, May 30, 2011

Pink perle and silver silk warp.

April 11, 2011 Monday

Dana stopped in yesterday with the #3 100% mercerized cotton crochet thread that I will be using for a guitar strap she has commissioned.  

Her little nephew has taken up guitar, and his birthday, along with a talent show will be in May.  He is only, or will be 7 yrs. old.  So the length of the strap that came on the guitar's maximum is 48 in.  The width is 2 in.  This means that it has to be a little longer, actually quite a bit longer, than the strap I made for KraftyMax's camera.  The width and thread count will be the same though.   I will do a 40 thread wide and 6 to 7 ft. long warp for the strap.

He is into flames, so I will do his name and try for some flames in double weave.  Because he likes flames, I will be using orange, yellow, red and black for trim.  His favorite color is orange, so that is what one side will be.  The other side will have vertical stripes of color that will show inside the design factors on the front/orange side.  I really loved how Max's strap turned out and I learned a few things  during the process of weaving it.  I think this one will turn out equally as well.

In the meantime...for about the last week, I have been trying to do something with my pink/gray project.  Next time I won't do quite as many color changes in the striping...that, along with the sheen of the silk, is giving me design factor issues.  Nothing seems to 'pop' the way I thought it would.  As a result I have been doing an awful lot of 'pondering' the piece and even more un-weaving.  LOL  Haven't gotten very far, but here are some pictures.  

The warp is really pretty, I just wish that the camera picked it up better.

There is a set of hearts, 3 in fact, small, large and small again, below this geometric design.  I have tried so many designs that didn't work.

It is a 7ft. long warp, 74 heddles/threads per shed = 148 thread count total.  It is 3 1/2 to 3 3/4 in wide and has a 50 thread pattern area.

Notice that each horizontal stripe has 3 color changes...this gives 6 colors to the design area...VERY busy to the eye.  I won't do it this way again.  I also only have 50 threads wide for the design area, which is making it even more difficult.  I am used to a much larger pallet. This band will be added to the poncho project.  

After the guitar strap I have to do a pebble weave (my 1st attempt) hat band for Mr. cphilip, then I need to do a purple piece for the poncho.  It seems that since I do so much purple for so many other people, I don't think to do purple for myself.  I get kind of tired of it at times.  ;o]

Friday, May 27, 2011

New warp with lovely yarns from an E friend on Ravelry!

April 5, 2011

I warped up on my smallest loom yesterday.  WOW!  It is beautiful.  

I used yarns Mr. cphilip, a cyber friend from Ravelry sent me.  This is how people in the fiber arts are...GENEROUS!  See, I have had very little contact with Mr. Philip, but he has been watching my work.  He somehow happened on the information that I don't have a job and decided...out of the blue...to send me a box of yarn.  Just 'gifted' them to me. 

When I got the box, I was stupefied and without words.  The box was huge and filled to the brim with everything from linen to silk to perle cotton.  I have never had the pleasure of using linen or silk...somehow 'Thank You' just isn't enough.

Both the perle and the silk shimmer beautifully...check it out...

I gotta think of something to make for this wonderfully generous man.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

KraftyMax's camera tote!

April 5, 2011

Max's tote is as complete as it will be until she receives it.

She wants to install her own magnetic closure and the strap will be put on the camera.  When the bag is closed the camera strap will also serve as a strap for the bag.  I have left it to her as to where she would like to place the dragon flies that Ms Carol did for her also.  Just a few pictures before I pack it up.

Unfortunately it turned out waaaayyyyyy too big.  But that is okay.  It will be used to keep it save when it is on her desk where she creates her beautiful beaded jewelry pieces. ;o}

Monday, May 23, 2011

Handwoven Cotton Inkle Envelope bag!

April 4, 2011

It's is an old band that I finally got around to sewing up.  It was supposed to be a double weave...yarn was too sticky, so I turned it into a plain weave.

It may turn out to be a door prize at a 'Relay for Life' in NY.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Completed Mistake band!

TADA! 6 3/4 in. wide, 22 in. long without fringe, 348 threads, #10 mercerized 100% cotton crochet thread.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My 1st weaving commission!

Friday, April 1, 2011 APRIL FOOLS DAY

I had a pleasant surprise today!  I got a phone call from my friend Dana to do a commission guitar strap for her nephew's birthday.  Now I have to admit he is only going to be 7 years old...but a commission is a commission. 

She told me his name and that he likes flames...so I will probably do double weave.  As a matter of fact my favorite yarn, #3 mercerized cotton crochet thread in the appropriate colors has already been ordered and will be sent via USPS.  I am going to use orange, yellow and red.

He already has a 'cheap' strap so we have the measurements at hand and Aunt Dana said she will design the hardware/fasteners herself.  I have to have it done by May 10th in time for a talent show.  Woohooooo!!!

Doing what I am passionate about and getting paid.  What more can a body ask?

Monday, May 16, 2011

What's on the Loom????

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Just a quick shot of the first motif on my 'mistake warp'.

Here is the second one!

And the third.  She has hair!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Random thoughts.

I have things on my mind...

Since I have been weaving, and had absolutely no one to coach me, I often was with out a game plan as to what I wanted the woven piece to become when it was complete.

I had been in a pretty bad accident, I fell off of the top of a dump truck, and was out of work for 1 yr. and 4 mnths, (I used to operate heavy equipment).  The holidays were coming and I was desperate for a way to 'MAKE' gifts.  Then KraftyMax handed me a Mirrix loom to play with.  It was borrowed from her mother in California...I had no knowledge at the time that her parents owned Gilmore Looms.  I also didn't have internet...right behind that I had no idea information would be so difficult to find in sunny Florida.  Or anywhere else for that matter.  Let's not forget that I had no money to BUY yarns...most of what I worked with was acrylic donated by my friend Max, a long time crochet lover.  I didn't even know the difference in a bead loom, or a tapestry loom, or what weft face or warp face meant.  All I knew was over, under, over, under and just keep experimenting.  Funnier still...I though if I had 'A' that I should be able to weave any way I wanted to...for instance overshot on a tapestry loom.  I really had no idea that some looms are better suited for a particular weave structure...what is a weave structure anyway?  LOL 

I am sure you get the picture...I just kept stumbling along and trying to come away with something usable.  There were alot of hot pads, and toilet tan toppers, coasters and table mats for a very long time.

I graduated from the Mirrix and built myself a large free standing Navajo loom from scrap lumber from the Home Depot.  From there I even started spinning the Navajo way.  That Navajo spindle is what my friend Dana is learning at today, 15 or so years later.

But, of course, I digress.

Where I was going with this long winded explanation, is that I wanted to ask you, "  Dear Reader, do you always have a 'PLAN' when you are being creative with your chosen medium?"

For me I usually go into my stash and say....hmmmmm, I like this color, hmmmmm, I think this would look nice with it and then maybe just a little of this for accent.  Sometimes I would even warp up the loom with a white or natural white warp (knowing that it would go well with anything other color I chose to weave with) and look at it for sometimes days or weeks until it spoke to me.  Surprisingly I came up with some really nice pieces.  I also think in some ways it made me a better artist to have to make what I had on hand work, instead of running right out and buying whatever I wanted to work with.

I still work this way most of the time.  When I tried to work with Dana in this fashion it drove her crazy.  She needs a plan.  She will adjust any time she needs to...but she really wants to know which direction she is headed.  I guess what they say is true, opposites attract.  I find following charts and thread counts that will reproduce a replica of someone else's idea of art extremely limiting and frustrating most of the time.

Usually I know how long the piece will be now...usually I have an idea of which technique I will use, or try to use.  Sometimes I even have an idea of what colors I want to use.  BUT, often I have no idea of the thread's size unless it is hugely different, 8/2 looks remarkably like 10/2 thread to me.  Thus, width is often relative to me.  Sometimes I run out of a certain color...hate that...so I adjust accordingly.  Sometimes there is a mistake somewhere in the warping (like my piece with the little people in it) and I like it anyway and just go with it.

I like to let the loom and the yarns talk to me and tell me what they will or won't do.  And right now, I am interested in hearing how you get your juices flowing.  Do you like to have a preconcieved idea of what will happen, a game plan if you will.  Or do you like to 'wing it' as I do most of the time.

Write me and let me know.  I am keenly interested in your answers.

What's on the Loom????

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I re-warped the loom Sunday after my failed double weave attempt that turned into a back scrubber.  Which by the way works beautifully.

I want to try and do simple warp floats on a stripe background that is reversible.  

I wanted to use my new #3 mercerized cotton crochet threads that Gail sent me (the next piece will be done in yarn cphilip) sent me.  I wanted it to be a good size, and I intend to keep it for myself.  I originally wanted to use cobalt blue and forest green together.  I only had these in #10 and although I love these two colors together I decided I wanted something with alot more contrast as light to dark. 

So I chose Navy, sage green, lime green and gold accent.  The has only 4 revolutions, two on each side and it is #10.  It is 174 revolutions on the warp board, which means 348 threads wide.  All are single threaded as this yarn is heavy enough for me to see it well.  It is a 56 in. long warp and the width of the weave is 7 1/8 in.  My weaving's sometimes get a little wider as I go though.

I did make one serendipitous mistake though, and I quite like it, so I have decided to keep it.  Especially since there is so much yummy yarn at stake.  I was warping with a double cross and someone, at the exact half way point, I switched the crosses.  This means instead of shed one being an entirely green stripe it is now 1/2 green and them becomes navy.  On the other side the opposite.  So instead of one really wide stripe/pattern area, I have two more narrow columns (1/2 the size intended) with two opposite striping patterns.  It already looks kind of 3d.  So basically I will have to work smaller motif's when I actually thought I would be working VERY large ones.  The indigenous weavers tend to do small motif's so I like to make them my own and make the HUGE by comparison.  Big and bold.  I also like to make my own designs that are less exotic and more Americana...we shall see.

Here are the pictures for the 'so far'....see where the navy blue changes sides...

If you take a really close look you can see where the stripes reverse themselves.  Didn't mean to do it...but I like it well enough.  Can't wait to see what it becomes.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Speaking of friends!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What a great weekend I had.  I am spacing out the blog postings so I can keep it interesting.

Sunday, the 27th I got a call from my friend Dana (my tapestry student).  She completed my friend KraftyMax's camera bag.  Do keep in mind that neither of us had any real idea of how to go about making a camera bag.  I live 3 hrs. from Max so all I had were measurements.  Thank goodness I didn't really trust them and my weaving skills are exact.  I actually wove the pieces quite a bit larger than they needed to be.In my head I was allowing for waste.

We did run into a few snags.  Max didn't really want a strap on the bag.  Her idea was that when the bag is closed the camera strap will act as a strap for the bag. Hmmmm....In order to accomplish this we had to make sure the bottom was rigid, so we inserted plastic canvas.  Then Dana decided that she would put ribs of the plastic in the corners...then we also found that the top collapsed and had to insert plastic there also.  Do keep in mind we were trying to create a cube.  As for me, I wanted the top to fold over onto the front side in a triangle so I can make some sort of closure.  Maybe even a tassel
that twists around a button...still thinking on that one.

So, if you recall a few weeks ago I completed her double weave camera strap with her business logo woven into it.  Now the actual cube has been made and will be delivered to me sometime this week.  Then I will develop the closure and ship it out.  I can't wait for her to see it.  This just behind the success of Gail's backstrap.  

This morning I feel many things.  I feel as though I have made some very good new friends, even the ones in cyberville who's faces I have not and may never see.  I also feel as though I make a good 'team' player with some of them (That would be you Dana).  I feel as though I have been blessed with a talent that allows me to show them how I feel about them also!  (Have you seen the rug I made Ms. Carol for her kitchen, or even Dana's one skein project bag?)  I feel satisfied today, something that eludes me often in my life since I was forced to move to Georgia.  Like a contributing member of society.

Here are pictures of the bag so far.  I will later show you how it looks with the strap and a closure.  I love Max's color choices.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Cyber friends! What a generous lot of people!

Monday, March 28, 2011

So not only did I get a care package in the mail last Friday, I also got one on Saturday.   The first one was from my Ravelry friend, Gail in Conn. a.k.a. Catseye03.  Then  on Saturday I got one from another Ravelry friend CPhilip in Kentucky.  Unfortunately I was so very excited I forgot to take pics of the yarns that cphilip sent.  They are already proudly on my shelf that holds all of my yarns that are on cones.  In my heart they are like eye candy and I just love looking at all of them.  Added in with my yarns from the art center, cones that are still usable that Ms. Carol (my roommate) had, my own supply of #10's and #3's, plus what Gail added....well suffice it to say I have alot more color choices now.

That was and still is the only small disappointment I have with the warp face weaving.  I have boxes and boxes of yarns upstairs...all are for tapestry and knitting.  Very few were usable for what I now do.  Kind of crazy to take on another art form that requires I buy yarn, when I have an entire attic full of yarns.  

Fortunately through the generosity of others, I am good to go.  I love you all and cannot say 'Thank you!' enough.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Another failed double weave warp!

March 27, 2011

I have a goal.  It is to do warp weave pick ups with a solid background.  OF course there are MANY ways and techniques to achieve, one of which is double weave.

I find double weave a bit tedious.  It makes a reversible band that is double thick.  I have a hard time seeing #10 threads and the #3 is heavier than I would like...I haven't quite figured out some of the other techniques.  Some I have even disregarded due to the intricate warping process.  I just haven't quite figured out which technique will meet my needs without stressing/taxing me.  In other words will satisfy my weaving creativity without thoroughly aggravating me.

Keep in mind that I want to be able to do my own designs also, narrowing the field even further.  So in my question to meet this goal, I have discovered that peyote bead weaving designs/charts are kind of like basket weave.  As is double weave charts.  

Thus, I am working on applying the peyote pattern to a double weave piece.  I have it figured out, but unfortunately when I warped up this time I chose a sticky/hairy cotton.  Mistake #1.  I also figured out that the chart will make a reverse image.  No problem, as the reverse is on the under side of a double weave.  Then I figured out that I had to read left to right, then right to left in the written verbiage as peyote bead work is flipped over every other row.  Then I realized that to make a 32 bead wide pattern, I don't need 32 warp revolutions...Mistake #2...I only needed 16.  This means I need to double my counts.

Lots of converting, icky warp.  SOOOOO, I decided not to fight with it.  I cut off the VERY small portion of double weave and decided to finish it in plain weave so as not to waste the cotton 4 ft. warp.  By time I retied to the cloth beam I knew the warp was at least 18 in. shorter.  So as I was weaving I was also thinking...what can I do with this band.

Here is what I came up with.  A back scrubber.

I actually needed one as quite some time ago my daughter re-claimed hers.  I like it and it was easy peasy.  And even better, I didn't waste the warp.  I hate waste.  Check it out.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Catseye03's backstrap project is finished!

March 26, 2011

Ok...I did it...I think it is very nice.  I do wish it were stiffer, but the one I use when I use a backstrap weave is even weave and flexible and it works fine.

I hope she likes it.

And she sent me yet another care package.  This one had 7 skeins of #3 thread and a takli spindle with a little bowl with a bird painted on the inside.  

Now how did she know I love birds?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Catseye03's backstrap project!

March 23, 2011

Well after the last failed attempt I now have a decent warp for my friend's backstrap.

I used, pomegranate, ecru, silver metallic, and pink perle.  Doesn't sound like much on paper...but I did take pics.  I think it is going to be very nice.  All in #10 cotton crochet thread.  

I chose to do the 3d effect because she liked it in the failed warp.

I have another new friend on Ravelry also.  His name is cphilip...I got the nicest e mail from him yesterday.  It seems he doesn't do as much weaving as he would like to, so he is sending me a care package of yarns.
I have never met this gentleman other than on line and I find this kindness pulling at my heart strings.  

It humbles me how many generous, warm and friendly people I have met through this computer.  

My warmest to you all.