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Friday, September 17, 2010

Tapestry workshop!

Had workshop last night!  I am so excited every time I go.

My one lady student not only had gone out and bought all of the parts she needed to build her loom like mine, she already had it most of the way put together.  Of course we had to do some tweaking, this is common with all new looms I think.  I also think it is a continual process, you adjust things with every new woven project.

I had her warp it herself, place her sheds, weave a header, half hitches and then she was up and functional to practice for later on this week.  I wish the class had been longer as I enjoy not only what we are doing but I enjoy her company as well.

She is the first person I have met that will be weaving the same way on the same kind of loom that I do.  Keep in mind I know no other weavers at all...this is why I am self taught.  I had to learn alot of it the hard way, trial and error.

I am flattered beyond belief that she has the kind of faith in me to allow me to teach her my process.  Especially since she is a college educated professional that has far surpassed me in the work fields.  Finally I have made a new acquaintance here in Moultrie GA.

Can't wait for workshop next week!

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Christina of Bent Realm Studios said...

Finally, :)
Glad you're enjoying the workshop teaching!

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