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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Well...I am back from Austin.

December 31, 2013...the last day of 2014!

How come no one told me that it snows in Texas...or that it is hilly?  I was thinking hot and flat, took shorts, capri's and one sweatshirt.  lol 

Thanksgiving was nice and relaxed, good food and good people.  My daughter seems to be surrounded by people who care about her.

I am still glad to see the holidays be over.

I have indeed made some goals for the new year.  Notice I did not call them New Years resolutions.  Most are related to my basket work.  I am looking into getting my business license and a tax receipt.  Then I can at least add in the Wednesday Farmer's market along with the one I work on Saturdays.   I think the biggest challenge will be keeping up with two booths.  I still have a little more research into this so I will let you know what I find out.

I am also going to start keeping records.  Up until this point I have only recorded sales for the last 4 or 5 months (I sold 6 in one day right before I left for Austin WOOOHOOO!).  Now I want to create a ledger, number my creations, list sales and also take deductions for my very few supplies that must be bought.  I also want to stretch my creativity and try some new ideas with my baskets.  Maybe even take in a few art shows and such.

For now I will show you few pictures and apologize for not being near a computer sooner to bring you, my followers up to date.

First, Crystal's basket for her new appartment in Austin.  She picked the thread and the wood.  Who knew that Pine needles that were sent from GA. would act different (read difficult to handle) in the dry air of Austin Tx.  These pictures were taken with my phone, so please keep in mind I am a weaver and not a photographer.  It turned out a lot prettier in reality.

I fell in love with this piece of Juniper/Cedar and really had to study it for a long while before I could decided how to do the concave section. Sometimes the stitches tend to crowd in on themselves in these kinds of spots.  This one took two tries, and I was sure I would hate the purple thread with it.  But I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It is bright though, so no embelishments on this one.  I just let the thread, wood and core materials speak for themselves.  I absolutely love the shape that it took on that end.  Look further down at the pics and you can kind of see what it did.

  No need for things like beads and such.

Then I went out and bought this neon thread that goes through the primary colors one behind the other.  Much like varigated yarns.  It is certainly not my personal taste, but every time I make one with this thread it sells fast.  I do love the piece of wood though and once again I managed the concave areas with relative ease and no bunching of the stitches.

This one is a business card holder and sold in the first ten minutes of the Saturday market this past weekend.

 And then we have the little group shots.

Also I managed to book my first class.  This Friday I will be instructing 3 ladies on their boat at a local marina.  Can't wait to sit with a few other folks who are interested in basket art.

Wish me luck!