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Monday, November 1, 2010

Another warp band!

Well its confirmed!  I am no seamstress!  I tried to make little purses/make-up bag/cell phone pouch out of my warp face bands today.  What a disaster.  These weavings are as forgiving as my tapestries!  Every stitch pulls and snags!  I even tried the sewing machine, and I HATE sewing.  I destroyed one small piece, and learned alot.  

I also completed another band.

I have done waaayyyyyyy too much research and still can't get the hang of how to get rid of the stripe background.  No successes there either. And, now I can't even figure out how to sew the bands I have already done into something useful.  FRUSTRATION, FRUSTRATION, FRUSTRATION!  They are too short for belts, too long for bracelets, too narrow for dresser scarves...they might be good for the top of a toilet tank.  LOL  How many people will use it for that though.  Most of the color schemes wouldn't work for that either. 

So I warped up the Mini with a plain red band.  Just for some mindless weaving.  I am indeed getting better at the edges, and consistency.  Yeah!  Tried to do some brocade/inlay, another dismal failure. 

Still, I think you should see the new band.  So here it is.  Please remember I am new to this.  The warp was perfect this time.  No saggy spots, not much waste.  YEAH!  I used mini blind slats this time and the last, I also used ONLY mercerized cotton.  Much easier. 

I will be glad when I can weave something without as many angles!  

Here are the pics!  Feedback welcome.

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