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Monday, November 1, 2010

One weft double weave!

FINALLY!  I figured out how to do one weft double weave! 

It requires a special warping and multiple passes per row of weave.  If you get it right it will let you have a solid background for your designs.  It also is one color on one side and the other color on the flip side.  It is also a very heavy weave.  On the thick side, unless you use fine thread/yarn.  I went for something heavier for this one.  The first one I did a few months ago is very small and somewhat thinner.  This is an extremely laborious technique, very time consuming.  It took me HOURS to do these pieces, I figure around 6 hrs.  I also found that the tensioning needs to be flexible and I had to do alot of fiddling with it on the loom.  Very easily achieved if the loom is attached to your body.  This definitely works better on a backstrap.  Guess I am in for another shot at backstrap weaving.  LOL

As usual I got my information from Laverne Waddington's Backstrap blog.  She is also found on Weavezine and Weavolution.  Both excellent sites for weaving information.  We are both also on Ravelry and I find great information there also.  Ravelry has great info for knit and crochet kind of fiber art also. 

So here are my pictures.  Keep watching for one I do on the actual backstrap with a design....eventually.

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