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Friday, October 29, 2010

A stroke of Luck!

I have been asked to do workshops for the local Art Center at the local housing projects.  Two in fact and it has been confirmed.  Guaranteed pay by the hour.  I will be doing 'Weaving and Needle crafts', trying to plant seeds for Christmas projects.  

I am looking forward to this very much.  I am going to start with Pot holder looms and then I thought I would ask the students what they want to learn.  The hard part will be getting them to attend at all.

Wish me luck!

Also I have been working on my new Mini Wave Loom by Gilmore Loom, trying desperately to figure out some of the weave structure processes.  Not having much luck either.  

Just once I wish I had an instructor!  Imagine how far I could go if I had professional tutoring.  

My next project is going to be for the Beautiful Art and Artwork Guild that I belong to.  It is for our secret Santa Christmas Event!  So far I am thinking green, red and gold.  Not sure what I will make yet, but of course there will be pictures!

This is my first membership with a guild and I am looking forward to participating.  If you are interested in joining just click on the link above and come check us out!  All are welcome and the categories will fill up fast!  My friend KraftyMax is the founder and she is great to work with and full of enthusiasm.  There is much to be gained from belonging to a guild and I am looking forward to the entire experience.

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