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Friday, November 12, 2010

New warp face technique!

I finally got the inlay technique to work!  Sort of anyway.  It isn't my best work, but it is indeed my best attempt at inlay yet.  Here are some pictures.  Hopefully I will get better as I go along.  

In the other technique I have been using, pick up, you do just what the name implies.  You 'pick up' the thread so that it floats over the top of the next shed's weave.  In inlay you drop the thread and replace it with the inlay thread of your choice to create design work.  Soooooo, not only is warpface backwards, or better to say the reverse, of tapestry, this technique is even the reverse of what I have been doing in warpface up to this point.

Actually when I warped up I had decided to try a double weave technique.  That means that one side of the band would be one color and the other side another color entirely.  If you were to do the pick ups for a design, they would show opposite on the back.  For instance if the band is black one one side and white on the other, the design on the black side would be white, and on the other side, the white side, the design would be black.  

But as I warped my fingers took control of the mind and I actually warped for a striped background.  The very technique I have been using so much of late.  So instead of throwing a 7ft. warp in the trash I decided just to go with it.  Then out of sheer boredom from doing so much plain weave, I decided to try inlay again.  

So this is just another practice piece.

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