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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One weft double weave!

I finally succeeded in one weft double weave!  I got all of my information for the very informative blog on Backstrap weaving by Laverne Waddington.

I discovered her on Weavolution and Weavezine.  Then I stumbled on her information again on Ravelry.  All three of these are full of great information on weaving and fiber arts in general.  The really great thing is the information is free for the offering.  

One weft double weave allows the weaver to have one color on one side and another on the back side.  It also provides for the weaver to have design on the front that is the reverse color on the back.  I am still trying to get the basic weave down so mine has no design...yet.  It produces a very thick and sturdy band.  I think for myself I will use finer threads next time and produce a finer band.  I can see where this would be great for dog collars, leashes, mug rugs, hot pads and even belts.  It is a labor intensive weave, which in my case made for time consuming as well.  We all know though, that weaving in general is not a 'fast' form of art.  This weave actually forms kind of a tube.

I took some pictures for you.  I did break a warp thread with all of the fraying going on from all of the manipulations while weaving.  It requires very minute changes in the weave tension that I am absolutely sure would be easier with a backstrap loom.  I can see another session with the backstrap in my future.  

Keep an eye peeled.  More to come soon.

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