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Monday, November 22, 2010

What's on the Loom????

I am soooooo proud!  Wait till you see what I did.  Today is Thursday, Nov. 18th.  For six hours today I measured a warp and mounted it on the Gilmore Mini Wave.  I did 9 1/2 feet and all 100 threads wide.  That means 100 threads in each of the two sheds.  I MAXED out the loom.  The piece is going to be horizontal stripe pick up technique and I had to do a little yarn husbanding.  I really wanted to try doing a piece entirely in #3 cotton crochet thread, but the cones are so small I had to supplement and place some #10 in two shades of red in the center of the warp.  I warped with a double cross the way I learned to do it on Laverne Waddington's blog.

The colors have a beautiful sheen and it is just so pretty I had to share.  So far I have only woven 30 passes to set the weave.  I will have an 80 thread wide area for pattern.  The colors are #3 natural, #3 copper, #3 coffee, #10 red, #10 burgundy.  I wasn't sure I would like it being so many colors but it is AWESOME!  I also seem to have my tension well under control at this point.  Woohoo!!!!!

Here are some pictures!  I am so excited I can't even decide on a pattern yet.........

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