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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another practice band on the Mini Wave!

This one is green on green.  After threading up the loom, I discovered I really didn't like these two colors together.  No 'pop', no 'pizaz' and certainly not enough contrast. :-{

But being a trooper and all I persevered and then discovered, low and behold I also have tension problems with this warp.  Drat!  Still I plugged along.  I found a couple of new PDF articles on inkle weaving with some nice pictures and applied a couple of their designs.  

My favorite is the little 'man' figure.  SOooooo kewl, if I do say so myself.   I had to complete this warp is two pieces.  The first piece is complete.  I had to cut it off so that I could retie onto the the front beam to correct the ridiculous tension problems I was having.  It's not written in concrete but I will probably make an envelope bag out of it.  For not I just want to look at it while I complete the rest of the warp.  

Here are a few pictures.  Let me know what you think.

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