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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weaving workshop!

Well my friend who comes to my weaving workshop not only completed her 'tapestry', but turned into a fully lined and very functional tote bag!  She agreed to let me post pictures of the bag itself, but none of her of course.  

We started her out with what we had on hand, which was acrylic.  I find that since it has more stretch and give that it is easier for a new weaver to keep their sides more even,  that being the bane of all weavers. 

Of course now she has started her second piece and we are moving on to the finer yarns and a larger piece.  Predominantly cotton.  She is also using some chenille in the new one.  We are striving for some different techniques in this piece! In the first one we practiced the warping and some horizontal stripes along with soumak details. Her goal is to make a pillow cover this time, as she prefers to do her weaving sitting on the floor.  (I only wish my old bones would LET me sit on the floor. LOL

All in all I think I turned out very well.  I couldn't  turn one of my weaving's into a handbag until just recently.  Let alone line one.

I am so proud of her progress.  I think it reflects just a little on the instructor that she is doing so well.  It is definitely a win win.

Take a look for yourself.

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