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Friday, October 22, 2010

On a road trip!

Yesterday Carol and I took a road trip to Tallahassee.  Moultrie has a great Art Center but not a single art store.  She wanted to go to a bead store and to take us on a lunch date to belatedly celebrate our birthdays!

So we found a great bead store where she (of course) blew her budget up.  LOL We ate waaaaayyyyy too much good food at Olive Garden and then we went in search of yarn shops.

We found 2!  They were both fabulous!  Now keep in mind that I don't actually NEED any yarn.  My friend KraftyMax really loaded me up on my birthday, and then again when I went to visit her in Jacksonville for a week.  I literally have two large trashbags of new yarns.  However, right now I am immersed in warpface weaving on my new Mini Wave Gilmore Loom.  It actually requires a much different kind of yarn than what I have boat loads of in the attic.  Most of my yarns are singles, alot of them spun by me, for tapestry weaving.  Now I need very smooth, tightly spun yarns.  Cotton or maybe silk.  Unfortunately most of the yarns we found were of the softer knitting variety.  Gorgeous silks, angora, wool, bamboo...the colors were GORGEOUS!  I would be terrified of making a warp blub again and wasting those beautiful yarns.  They were also out of my financial league.  

However, at the second shop, Carol found some roving while I was in the restroom, and couldn't let me walk out without it.  So she bought it for me.  It is by Louet and the color is called Sunset.  I was looking for some fall colors and I think we hit on it perfectly.  Below you will find pictures and I of course will keep you posted on the spinning of it.

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Krafty Max Originals said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! That roving is beautiful! Can we say FALL SHAWL?? oh ya! have fun! ~KM

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