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Friday, October 8, 2010

What I've been up to!`

Well I am back in GA again.  Hated leaving FL, had so much fun.  Got to see people I love very much and tons of fiber art STUFF!

Got home yesterday to find my new 'Mini Wave' had been delivered.  Wooo Hoooo, I probably won't even come up for air for a week or so.  LOL

My friend Dana who bought the Rigid Heddle had ordered it for me as payment and had it delivered to her work place.  So when she got off work she brought it to me.

Bet you guys didn't know KraftyMax was a fiber geek as well as a jewelry / bead geek.  Basically I guess she is just an extremely talented artist and homemaker.  Anyway, she loaded, and I do mean LOADED me up with some of her surplus yarns.  It was like going to Joann's or Michael's in that closet.

Since Dana is now following in the wake of my fiber geekdom I broght her a big bag of yarns also.  I was very excited to give them to her and see her reaction.  I think my choices will serve her well as we continue to Tapestry weave and for when she learns to use her Rigid Heddle as well.  There are absolutely no yarn stores in our little one horse town.  We have to travel at least an hr for one and even then there isn't much in the way of selection.  Certainly not of the 'fine' yarns, like Merino wool and such.  It's pretty much acrylic heaven.

Now don't get me wrong, Acrylic yarns have their place.  You certainly can't beat them for wash and wear items that get put in to the dryer.  They are soft, and the colors can be mind blowing.  But for things like weaving they are too stretchy and spongy most of the time.  So I brought her some Acrylic to practice with, things like lap blankets and such on the RH, and I also brought her some fine yarns for her tapestries and such.

I was delighted to find out that she has almost completed her first tapestry while I was away.  She even ran out of a certain color and we will be going over to the Art Center to retrieve a small ball of it today at lunch as she is striving to complete her piece by tomorrow nights class so that we can take it off of the loom, and hopefully start another!  I have so many kewl things I can't wait to show her.

As for me I have tons of yarns and such to go through myself in the next couple of days.  I find from my experiments of late that tapestry and Inkle/warpface weaves require very different kinds of yarns and I definitely need to do some organizing.  I probably need to bring down my sewing machine as well. Lots to do to catch up so I can play with my new toy.  I even have some t shirts to stash away for a future rag rug!  I will be a busy beaver for a little while!

Be sure to keep an eye out for tomorrow's post.  There will be pics of me warping up the Large Wave loom for KraftyMax to play with while I am away.  Don't forget to take a look at her sites and her parents' as well.  Mr. and Mrs. Allen own Gilmore Looms and you will love their products!

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Krafty Max Originals said...

It was wonderful to have you here. Thank you for taking some of my 'stash' - just means that it is less for me to go through next time......I can't wait to see the work you do on Mom and Dad's Mini Wave. I am still so very impressed with Dad's design!! Well, off to my own obsession, ops, I mean passion!! :~) ~KM

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