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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Consignment booth!

We have a nice little used furniture, knick knack, bric a brak kind of store here in Moultrie called 'Stuff and Such', and the owners have decided to rent out space. 

Carol and I are going to go half on the rent, which is only $15.00 with 5% consignment cost, and try to sell some of our wares.  I am going to be putting some of my weavings and art work (framed) in it and see if I have any luck.  Maybe even my handbags!

It seems like I might also have an opportunity to go into the housing area and teach basic weaving might have presented itself through the Art Center as well.  I am thinking about teaching twig weaving, or pot holder weaving on little square looms, maybe even something done in an embroidery hoop.  That way they will have a completed project ready to hang on a wall or give as a gift.  It is another way to pull in some money if it works out.

Wish me luck!

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