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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still a learning curve!

Well I completed the purple band and warped up for another.  This one is pink acrylic, almost a watermelon color, green cotton #10, and white cotton #10.  I went for a very long warp, got most of it on after a very long battle and now find that I am bored with this color scheme.  

The lesson here is long warps are difficult to put on the loom, and even if you succeed you can have saggy spots and tight spots, plus it is alot of weaving on the same project when you are doing 15 or so feet of the same warp.

I did have a badly sagging part in the center of the warp and it was making the weaving anything but fun.  So I cut off the piece that was done up to that point, pictures below, and retied it to the front beam.  This has helped alot towards eliminating the saggy spot.  So just for the sake of an update I am posting pictures here for your viewing pleasure.

Keep in mind that I am having trouble finding charted motif's so I am just playing around with the design on my own.

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Krafty Max Originals said...

WONDERFUL!!! I just love the pink one.....oh my!!!! how cute!! You did a great job! ~KM

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