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Friday, October 15, 2010

More warpface weaving!

Well I have learned alot in the last couple of weeks.

First off, even if you can control 16 feet of warp enough to actually get it onto the loom, which I can't, you will be bored to tears with it before you can finish it. 

I also learned that alot of the inkle instructions don't apply to my new loom.  The warping will have to adjusted to make certain weave structures work.  I really want to do pick up patterns on a solid color background.  This means I need to learn how to do basket weave warpface.  I tried to get it warped up but something about using inkle instructions went awry when applying it to my 2 harness mini loom.  I think in order for it to work I will have to change colors at both ends of the warp instead of just at the starting end. That way I can get single stripes of warp, instead of 2 stripes because the loom will be cut to thread it into the heddles.  Lots of confusion for me as I can't seem to find much information on 2 harness/shaft looms.  Most people with table looms start with four harnesses.  My mistake was thinking that all inkle theories/applications would work on a 2 shaft loom.

I did complete the pink/green/ecru warp after several really baggy spots.  I had to cut off and retie onto the front beam to correct the tension.  This means I have several completed pieces which are slightly smaller than I wanted.  The last one, which looks alot like the one I posted yesterday because it is from the same warp, turned out the best.  The design factors are better also.

I am indeed having trouble finding charts for the pick ups and the wording is hard to understand alot of times when I read them on line.  As I have often said, this is a learning curve.

I already have plenty of bands to play with.  I guess I am going to have to do some construction/sewing very soon.  Lots of people will also be getting book marks in their Christmas cards this year.  LOL

Pictures below and feedback welcome.

This is the last of the pink and green warp (Thank goodness) and this one turned out the best.  The sides stayed nice and even, and I even like some of the little designs I did.  I know it looks alot like the first one, but it is indeed different.

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averilpam said...

Well done! It's so hard keeping the sides straight isn't it :)

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