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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

New loom

I am still in Jacksonville, FL., and I still don't have MY new loom, of course.  It is not even due to arrive in GA till Tuesday the 5th.

However, since I am visiting the daughter (KraftyMax) of the owner of Gilmore looms, I have access to her loom.  She has the largest of the WAVE table/inkle looms.  Mine will be the smallest, called the MINI WAVE.   Soooo, I have warped up Max's and would like to share pictures of what I am doing.

I used a traditional warping board.  Do keep in mind that normally I use one continuous warp thread that is wrapped around my frame and a warp stick, even my rigid heddle had an alternate method for warping.  It was called the peg method and it also was one continuous thread, no warping board.

This is only my 3rd time warping with a warp board.  VERY DIFFICULT! at least for me.  I put 11 feet on it.  I found it to definitely be a learning curve.  Moving the warp from the board in an organized fashion and mounting it onto the frame is all foreign to me.  I must also say there were several major problems...somehow I managed to correct them for the most part and not waste the warp.  The yarn I used for the warp also came from Max and I believe it is silk.  Definitely didn't want to waste it.  It is beautiful, very bright and shimmery.

I have indeed been weaving a lovely 4 inch wide inkle/warpface band.  I intend to make Max and her daughter ( who now proudly wears the blue and brown prototype cuff bracelet) matching cell phone pouchs, myself a bracelet and I am not sure what else.  I have never had the option of this much warp before.  Of course now I also get to learn how to hem stitch.  I always used half hitches on my tapestries.  Hemstitching was never necessary, I never minded the fringe either.

I may have to get out the sewing machine eventually.  I am trying to avoid that though, I really don't need another hobby or to try to figure out where to put it.  Lack of space remember, is why I sold the rigid heddle.

In tapestry, warping takes very little time, weaving much longer.  In warpface textile, warping is MUCH more time consuming, weaving very much faster.  Everything is backwards for me, the design, the warping, the types of yarns, even the hand motions.

I am making some strides though.  Check it out for yourself.  The pictures aren't great, please forgive me.  I will get better ones soon....even the finished projects will be posted.

I had my reservations about ordering the smallest wave, but this one is a bit of a moose.  I think I will be quite happy with one that is a little less bulky for my smallish person.

Warp Floats!

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