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Friday, October 1, 2010

I sold my Rigid Heddle Loom!`

My Rigid Heddle didn't get much use and further more it was too large for my current living situation.  Even when it had it's own space in the spare room with the spinning wheel and all of my fibers it simply didn't get used much.  I prefer tapestry, so that is the loom that stayed the closest at hand and got used (and still does) the most.

I sold it for the price of a small lap loom I wanted.  It is made my friend KraftyMax's parents.  They live in California and own Gilmore Looms.  The loom is  technically a modified Inkle Loom.  It has texsolve heddles though and a cloth and warp beam.  You can put up to 5 yards of warp on it, depending on the yarns you are using.

These looms are called the "Wave", and I could only afford the smallest of these called the 'Mini Wave'.  It will weave maximum 4 in. wide.  At the rate of success I have been having with my warpface weaves, this is probably the maximum I would ever hope to achieve anyway.  LOL

Traditionally these bands, tapes, ribbons, (small thin strips) are pieced together to create larger pieces of fabric.  These are used all over the world in places like African and Peru. 

Since it will fit in my lap I am thinking it will be more ergonomic for my body aches and pains.  Wish me luck.

My weave workshop lady bought the RH and I will be giving her private lessons as part of the sale.  Wonderful!  I love the barter system.  She gets what she needs and wants, I get what I need and want.  Bravo!

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