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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Puni's, puni's and more puni's!

I am on a Puni binge.  You see I want to make myself a shoulder wrap, just a rectangle, out of my own handspun cotton.  It will be done in periwinkle and white.  So I have quite a bit of it spun up already and of course I probably need even more.  I have plenty of already prepared cotton, but I want this piece to be completely done by me.  

In order to do that I have to do the prep work for my cotton.  If you follow this blog you have already seen pictures of the spindles, spinning wheel and my puni project.  My goal is make my puni basket nice and full before I start to spin again.  Then I can spin the white puni's, the periwinkle roving and of course my new 'Sunset Merino Top' wool that Carol bought me day before yesterday in Tallahassee.  At that point there probably won't be much weaving done for a few days.

I am in the process of getting ready for that and I am almost there.  I believe it takes me a little longer to make the puni's because I do not have the proper carders for the process.  I am using dog slicker brushes and of course I am new to it as well.  It is working though, so as I watch T.V. sometimes I will also be making puni's.  Even if it is only a few of them.  Eventually my basket will be full.  At some point I also want to do some tie dying on the white cotton.  Hoping that someone will sign up for my spin class to do that with!

In the mean time I will continue to hone my skills on my new Mini Wave Loom by Gilmore.  I am actually starting to have a nice little collection of bands.  I even took out the sewing machine so that I can start to make them into something.  Wish me luck.

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Silver said...

Nom nom nom punis! I loves me some cute little punis. ;)

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