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A "Pandula" is a flower which blooms only in one's imagination.


Monday, October 18, 2010

The final pink and green band!

I finished the NEVER ENDING pink, green and white warp at last!  I know that you guys have seen lots of pictures of the other two pieces, but this one I gave to my roommate.  I did one design that looks like its Peruvian, or Bolivian or something.  I got it off of the backstrap blog by Laverne Waddington.  The other, I call that one a "  Pandula".  It is my version of a flower which lives only in my imagination.

As you know that is the very definition of a Pandula.  I got the term from an article in Rug Hooking magazine.  There was a woman who had hooked her entire life and all of her creations were Pandula's.  This where I got the name for all of my sites. 

A Pandula is a flower which lives only in one's imagination.

Today is Saturday and I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday warping various looms.  As you know I have been really struggling with the warp board style of warping necessary for my new Gilmore Mini Wave.  I have also learned that it is hard to translate warping instructions from Inkle weaving patterns to the warp board.

I ended up with a green and white stripe background.  After first annihilating a beautiful white on white warp for an idea I had in my head.  Then when I went to do the green and white one, because I wanted high contrast, I discovered that the green I chose was hemp.  If you know anything about hemp, you know that it is very 'sticky' to work with.  Needless to say I had a very frustrating day at the warping board.

Most people are not aware of how many hours it takes to do these things.  Since everything I have done before now has been weftfaced, where the warp is completely covered, figuring all of this out with noone to help me has been difficult to say the least.  Each warp is another adventure.  Sometimes pleasant, sometimes not so much.  But I will persevere!

Anyway I digress, I just wanted to post a couple more pictures for you.  So here they are.

I was going for a flower in the one below!

This is what is on the loom right now!  Not really sure if I like this one yet.  Might have to do some frogging!

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