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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Going to Florida!

My daughter is coming down from North Carolina to get the rest of her possessions out of storage.  She will be picking me up on the way and taking me to visit friends and family in St. Augustine, and Jacksonville.  I am so excited.  I have been very homesick.

My only regret is that I will probably be there when my new loom arrives.  Carol even ordered me a book on Inkle weaving for my birthday, and I will probably be gone when it arrives also.

However, KraftyMax is going to lend me her larger 'Wave' loom while I am there so I will get to practice at her house with some guidance for warping before I come home and have two of them to weave on.

I will indeed be checking in on my 'web stuff' from her hubbies lap to while I am there, so if you need to find me feel free to e mail.

I am sure there will be tons of pictures taken to be posted upon my return.  TTYL

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