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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What's on the Loom????

I don't recall if I mentioned it, but recently I warped up my little tapestry loom when I got frustrated with the warpface weaving.  It was a bust though, as all I could do was sit and look at it.  No inspiration for design at all.  Remember I don't usually have a pre-determined idea of what I want to weave.  I just let the loom talk to me.

Of all things I had chosen brown tones for the piece, much like the colors in the teeny weeny pain in the arse double weave piece that I ended up cutting off and throwing away.  I guess those colors were really talking to me.  Unfortunately I didn't like what they were saying to me.  So I took the tapestry loom and all of its equipment right back upstiars and put it in its place in the attic.

Then I warped up with the yellow/pomegranate and watermelon warp on the Large Wave loom that you have seen in the last two posts.  Welllllllll...I kind of got stumped with that one after the diamonds started and put it aside and went back to the tapestry loom'.  It still has the brown warp on it.

I have discovered that as easy as it is for me to make beautiful pieces in tapestry, it does require alot more trips to the attic where the yarns are.  grrrrr  More gear and yarns in my very small room.  Remember I no longer have a designated space for my art forms.  This means if I change my mind about colors and such I have to make a trip into the attic.  That is indeed one of the advantages of the warpface weave.  Once warped, there is only one weft yarn, unless you are doing supplementary weft, and even then it can all e one color.  Not alot of different colors as in most tapestry weaving.

I did get some of it done though and I am reasonably happy with it to this point.  

Another thing I discovered is that although I always preferred upright looms before the Wave came along, I now prefer the horizontal.  My tools don't fall out of the weave as often when the loom is horizontal, thus less annoying.  I also discovered that I have something of a style with my tapestry weavings.  The pattern I am doing is not real pattern at all.  It is just happening as I pick up a color I think will look good next.  It has alot of flowing lines, very tranquil, and it requires no real thinking on my part.  It just happens, and I most always love the result.  But it shows itself in alot of my pieces.  When you see the pictures you may even recognize it.  No charting, no following patterns, no warp board, no sore hands from beating the weft (as in warpface weave).  

So why is it that at this point neither one of these forms of weaving is giving me the satisfaction that it did before Christmas?  I think I am a little burnt out.  I was weaving for hours and hours a day before the holidays.  Especially the warpface weaving, as I was learning it as I went.  I had no one here to discuss things with, only my Cyber friends and instructors, so it definitely required concentration.  Now I am left feeling a little flat about the entire thing.  I actually hear my pencils call me quite often also.  Maybe that is the real problem.  I am being pulled by another art form.  We'll see.

Anyway here are some pictures of what is happening on the small tapestry loom.  The large one has been warped for a couple of months and just sitting here looking at me.  It hasn't spoken to me yet though...

So far this is all that I have done, and already the loom is back upstairs and I am back to my warpface weaving.

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