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Friday, February 18, 2011

New project!

I got the yarns from KraftyMax today!  I am going to make a box like tote for her new camera.  She sent nylon in BEAUTIFUL colors.  Unfortunately their #2 is a little finer than the cotton #10.  Plus I am not sure how it will do tension wise.  

On the good side, I have lots of purples and blues that match her choices, in mercerized cotton.  Both #10 and #3.  I probably won't be doing any warp floats though with these fine threads.  AAANNNNNDDDDD...My roommate Carol has taken up Chinese Knotting techniques.  Max's logo for her websites is a dragonfly, and we, (Carol and I ) had already decided to use some of the dragonflies on the tote.  Today she did a couple of samples.  

So I have pictures of the yarns and of the dragon fly prototypes.

Here goes!

Dragonflies first!

Please notice that if you look VERY CLOSELY that one of the blue and one of the purple is variegated.

Tonight I will be warping up a little band of this yarn to test it!  Probably a little necklace for 'Wiggles'.  

I will let you know how it goes.

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