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Monday, February 14, 2011

Sheep pelt!

I have owned this sheep 'pelt' for many years.  I acquired it when I went on a day trip looking for cotton fields after purchasing my spinning wheel.  I found it in a little roadside teeny tiny flea market kind of place.  Paid next to nothing for it if I recall.  I have used it for everything from sitting my spinning wheel on it, to a chair cushion in front of my tapestry loom.  

Actually, it drove me crazy.  It kept shedding, it was white and would get dirty very easily.  It seemed it was always in the way somehow.  

Then it actually turned gray from all of the use and dust.  I was actually ready to toss it into the trash.  That being the case I decided to try putting it into the washing machine and see what happened...WHAT A SURPRISE!  It came sparkling clean and beautiful.  So beautiful in fact that now I am trying to figure out what to use it for.  Check it out!  Gorgeous!  No felting at all!  Of course I used cold water and wouldn't even consider the dryer.

It reminds me of beautiful smooth butter with all of its hues of cream and pale yellow.  Seems only fitting to own one as a weaver/spinner.

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