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Friday, February 25, 2011

Wonderful Friday Feature!

Early last summer I noticed a particular artist's name coming up quite often on my Facebook page.  She is a jewelry artist out of California.  She does beautiful beaded jewelry, wire wrapping and adds in alot of Sea glass. 

She tells me that there used to be a glass factory where she lives and that there is debris everywhere along the water's edge.  She actually goes and collects the glass by hand.  Oh my, a day on the waters edge hunting for sea glass.  Sounds so peaceful.  

She even does alot of work with copper and brass these days.

Well, we started to communicate and she liked my graphite/pencil drawings.  So much so that when I mentioned how much I liked the piece below she offered a trade.  She wanted a piece of 'tattoo' art.  How flattering.  My art on someone's body.  How kewl is that?

Next thing I knew, I was receiving this beautiful piece of wire wrapped teal colored sea glass on  a satin cord.  

Unfortunately life gets in the way at times.  I was in the process of a cancer scare and I haven't even picked up a pencil since then.  Let alone done her piece of art.  I got very involved in my primary art form, weaving.  I am embarrassed to admit this and I want to at least help bring attention to such a trusting and talented artist.  

Take a minute and go by her Facebook page and her Artfire shop.  She just opened an Etsy shop too. You will find a refreshing array of jewelry sure to tickle your inner jewelry aesthetics.  

I will definitely be sending her a piece of 'tattoo' art as soon as I can find inspiration that does her justice.  In the meanwhile, I will just love this beautiful piece of art!

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