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Monday, January 31, 2011

What's on the Loom????

I am so proud of my friend/student's accomplishments with her weaving.  Last week she completed the never ending tapestry.  She is still deciding what she wants to make it into.  She also warped up again for a sampler that we found in an old Handwoven magazine, AND she warped up her rigid heddle, she is still thinking on that one also.  

She has been a busy beaver!

Funny how opposite we are, and yet we are both still managing to learn from one another.  She needs a game plan, although she is always open to adjusting that plan.  Me?  I pretty much always wing it.  I like to just see what the loom has to say to me.  

Having her for a student has me rethinking some of that though.  I have recently even predetermined a project or 2.  Like her bag that we did together with the bands I wove, and she assembled!  It turned out lovely, and although we didn't write the plan down in blood, we did indeed discuss it and come up with something of a plan.  

We are both proud of the outcome.  I posted the pic once before, but I will give you another glance here.

Now for the tapestry!

The multi color (think verigated) is a very fine chenille and really shimmers.  When she stared this she had in mind a 'but pillow'...you know to sit your but on when you weave.  Since then I think she had decided she might like to sit her loom up on a table.  I can't wait to see what she comes up with for a set up.

I love the weaving itself.  I think it would be beautiful as a table topper.  We were working on hatching and she find it tedious...so we adjusted the plan accordingly.   

As for my weaving...I am thirsting for something with a little more freedom than the warpface weaving.  I want flowing lines and maybe something that comes a little easier for me.  

I feel a tapestry weave coming on.  Maybe...I do love the warpface though and you just never know which mood will strike me.

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