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Monday, February 21, 2011

New 'Weaving basket'!

Now that I have my and KraftyMax's looms here at my leisure...I found myself, or more accurately my tool basket, over flowing on a regular basis.  So before I started the camera tote for Max I needed to reorganize.

I love the original basket, it has a beautiful vine handle on it that is so cool.  Carol found it for me years ago at a garage sale.  I immediately put it to good use as my knitting basket while I was on my hand knit sock binge.  It has been a knitting basket ever since.  However, since I don't knit any more, I started using it for my tools when I got my Mini Wave loom.  Unfortunately, it just wasn't large enough.

So today I made a new kit.  Carol had also found me, quite recently in fact, a set of 5 rectangular baskets that get smaller and smaller.  The largest one holds my #10 cotton cones and so I made use of the next one down in size.  I placed the very smallest one inside, and then I used plastic cottage cheese containers that we had saved over time, and wedged them around the small basket.  These are for things like the mini blind slats, pencils, knitting needles for pick up and other things as well.

It may not be exactly beautiful...but is extremely functional.  Especially in my already tight space.  

Check it out!

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