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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weaving workshop!

February 5, 2011

Thursday night I got a call from the Art Center, they had a little employee issue.  Nobody to stay and close up after my class.  I called Dana and we decided to do workshop on Saturday, today.

We spent the first hr catching up and doing mock ups of KraftyMax's camera tote.  Since she is a seamstress I will be letting her take the lead on the construction of it.  We want to achieve a cube, and I would be at a loss.

The piece for the main portion of the body is complete.  Now I need to do the side panels and then a strap for the camera itself.  The strap on the camera will serve as the strap for the bag also once it is closed.  I hope to make a point on the closure flap, add a tassel with a long cord and use it to wrap around a pretty button.  

Here is a picture of the body piece, for those who haven't already seen it.

The side pieces will be green with purple edging.  The edging on the side pieces will be the same as the edges you see on this piece.  That way the seams won't show much.

The camera strap will be double weave purple and green and I am going to attempt to put her company name in the weave for design.

Cross your fingers.

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