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Monday, March 14, 2011

Relay for Life

Written 2/12/2011

I have met so many wonderful people on the internet.  So very many are talented artists!  I couldn't possibly name them ALL. 

In this post though I want to mention one lady in particular, her name is Heather Forte.  She is the proud owner of an online shop called 'The Pine Cone Teacup'.  Not only is she talented, but she is also dedicated.

She runs her shop, her home, her loving family and she also contributes her time and devotion each year to raising monies for Cancer research through the 'Relay for Life'.  I, like many of my counterparts donated a piece of art last year that was auctioned and the proceeds donated to this very worthwhile cause.  I will be doing so again this year.

Last year I was new to all of you and still not sure of my work, especially my pencil drawings, and that is what I donated.  This year it will be a weaving.  I am not sure yet what it will be though...in thinking on this the first thing that came to mind was of course a pink ribbon.  Then I thought too common.  Then, after giving it much more though I decided totally against the pink ribbon and here is why.

There are many people out there fighting this battle that do it quietly...some don't even tell family members until they absolutely have to.  Many do not tell, for instance, their children, or grandchildren.  It isn't as though small children really grasp things like terminal illness anyway.  More importantly they don't understand death and so we tend not to expose them to it until absolutely necessary.

So I kind of feel like a piece that screams "  I have/had cancer" might not always be appropriate.  

So I don't think I will use the typical slogan, or the pink color...I am not really sure what I will do yet, but it is there, in the back of my head rolling around and I am definitely open to suggestion.

Here is a shot of the art I donated last year.  It was just a little 5 x 7 graphite/pencil design.  I call it a prism, and it did indeed sell at the auction.


ThePineConeTeaCup said...

Thank you so much Marsha! I can't wait to get your weaving!!!

Harry Hilders said...

Interesting post!

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