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Friday, March 18, 2011

New project!

Written February 13, 2011

Shortly after opening my FaceBook page, Artfire shop and this blog last year I was approached and asked if I might like to make a donation to the cancer "  Relay for Life" by a fellow artisan.  

Her shop is called 'The Pine Cone Tea Cup'!  She is an very active artist that like myself has been touched by cancer.  So she is of course participating in this great cause again this year, and as has once again asked for volunteers.  I didn't even hesitate.

I have decided to donate a weaving.  Having recently expanded on my weaving techniques, I had written down in my idea book to do a piece with 'people' woven in at some point.  My friend KraftyMax, suggested to do them walking or running.  Maybe even on a belt.  I had been mulling this idea over in my head ever since.  

So it seemed only natural to do 'runners' for a relay race.  I have until June to complete the piece.  The relay in her town in June 10th.  But I started a design yesterday.  I just wanted to share a rough copy with you.  I haven't decided which techniques or colors to use yet.  But I will, of course, keep you posted.

I think it will be cute.  If you would like to participate in this very worthwhile cause, do what I did and search google for 'Relay for Life'.

You will be amazed how far and away from this idea the final product turned out to be.

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