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Friday, March 11, 2011

Camera Tote for KraftyMax!

Written 2/11/2011

Last night was Tapestry workshop and I took the two weaving's for the body of the camera tote for KraftyMax  to Dana (my friend and student) so she could start assembling the cube part.  

As for me I have 2 and 1/2 of the letters left to do on the double weave camera strap.  I have never wet finish any of my warpface weavings...but maybe for this strap?  Laverne what do you think?  Also I found one little float on the back side.  Usually I would just snip it out.  But of course it is in the formation of one of the letters. Ugggg.  I am also thinking about doing an edging...I watched the video on the Van Dyke stitch and can't for the life of me figure out how I would do that if I wasn't attaching two pieces together.  Guess I will have to go to Laverne's site and read....Not sure yet what I want to do.  I will just be happy to have enough warp to complete the lettering.

She wanted a 30 in. strap.  I warped 5 ft.  I have no idea how much take up is involved.  I also had no idea how large these letters would be.  Each is 3 inches and there are nine.  I put two rows of plain weave between each letter and I started out with 2 in. of plain weave in the beginning...I would like to put 2 in. of plain weave at the end also.

I will post pics as soon as I can get them taken.  Just an up date.

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