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Friday, March 4, 2011

What's on the Loom????

Written Monday, February 7, 2011, posted March 4, 2011

Here we have pictures of what I did yesterday, Sunday.  I warped both 'Wave' looms.  I warped KraftyMax's Large Wave with the fabric that will be used for the side panels of her camera tote.  It is a little, o.k. a lot, larger than I needed actually.  It is 6 in. wide and 116 heddles of double stranded 100% cotton.  Double threaded is made it thicker than I intended.  But, on the plus side, we will have plenty of fabric to work with.  Better that than not enough and have to weave it again.

Then I wove my 'Mini Wave' with double weave for the camera strap.  I used #3 mercerized cotton.  It is doubled stranded in 40 heddles.  It gave me exactly the 2 in. width that I wanted.  It is only two colors and I made my borders with the same two colors.  I am going to have to chart her logo before I go any further on the double weave.

I knew that the large piece would be done pretty quick, as it is plain weave.  When I go to Tapestry workshop on Thursday evening, I will give it and the body piece over to Dana for the construction of the cube.  She will have it until the following Thursday.  In the meanwhile I will be working on the double weave as it is ready and waiting.  I am hoping everything is complete at that point.  

There are variables though with the timing.  Dana lives in the REAL world and has a REAL job.  So I hope she has time to complete it in a week but if not that's o.k. too.  Especially since I rarely work on double weave and it could indeed take me longer than that to complete the strap.  It needs to be at least 30 in. long.  I warped up 5 ft. so I think I have enough warp.  We'll see.  

I also snapped a shot of my bedroom...WALL TO WALL looms...LOL.  Here you go!

Big Wave with wide piece.

 Baby Wave with double weave!

Very full bedroom!

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