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Monday, March 21, 2011

My friend Dana

Written February 14, 2011

As you all know my friend and tapestry workshop student, Ms. Dana, has graciously accepted my invitation to assemble the camera tote for my friend KraftyMax.  

In the meanwhile she also has a very demanding job, a home to run, her own projects to do (think tapestry) and in between all of that she also rigid heddle weaves.  She actually bought my Kromski Rigid Heddle 32 in. loom.  The money from the sale got me my Gilmore Mini Wave loom.  

She is also my only tapestry student and the one new friend I have made in Moultrie, GA.  

She set out to assemble the tote today and decided to be patient and make sure that the design is correct...this is why I trusted the project to her, instead of even attempting it myself.  

She did send me pictures of her latest Rigid Heddle dish cloths though...I am entirely envious of these cloths.  I love to use hand made items, even my own hand made washcloths.  She smoked mine...these are gorgeous!  She tells me that she is using a book by Betty Lynn Davenport called Rigid Heddle Textures.  Please don't hold me to the name of the book, I do know that I am correct about the author's name.

What do you think of them?

Oops...blogger is acting funny for the second time today with uploading pictures.  So this is the only one I have for now.  LOVE IT DANA!

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