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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's on the Loom????

February 20, 2011

Since I was having technical difficulties with the 'Relay for Life' piece I warped up the Mini wave

I used #3 mercerized cotton crochet thread in the color 'coffee' and a slightly nubby unidentified yarn that Ms. Allen of Gilmore looms sent home with her daughter on one of her trips to California a few years ago.  I have been hoarding this yarn a VERY LONG time.   I had no idea of its fiber content, or its size.  More learning curve.

I warped for double weave, thinking to try to do my stick people.  The piece is 1 3/4 in. wide and 7 ft. long.  The nubby yarn makes if a little more difficult than I might like.  It is also a good deal heavier than the #3...more learning curve.

Basically I have both looms warped up with difficult warps.  No relief in sight since they are both pretty long warps.  grrrrrrr  On the positive side the first stick man is done and he really pops on the dark background.

For now girls and boys I get to struggle a bit, as I don't want to waste this much yarn.  Especially on the relay piece as it is 333 warp threads wide, each doubled or tripled.  Lots of yarn there folks.  

Wish me luck!

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battgirl art fiber said...

Hello your warp is gorgeous! I am contemplating on buying a Gilmore Wave to take to my summer home and work in the car on it, do you still like yours? What size do you own? My friend owns the "Small" size and loves it. I like the "Mini" size since I already have a "Wolf Pup" and "Baby Wolf" from Schacht. I can't find many posts on this Wave loom. Thanks!
Gail W

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