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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

One weft double weave! For the Camera strap!

Written 2/12/2011

Thursday night I gave the panels for the camera tote for KraftyMax to Dana, my student, so she could assemble the cube.  Meanwhile I kept working on the double weave camera strap.  

Last night- Friday - I completed the strap and took if off of my Gilmore Mini Wave loom.  I was asked to leave the fringe long so she could attach it anyway she wanted to to the actual camera.  Keep in mind that when the tote is completed and closed, the camera strap will also serve as the bag's strap.

Once again I know that there is a higher power somewhere in the universe.  This thing is simply beyond all of my creative expectations.  Beautiful, in a word.  It is 32 in. long without the fringe, 44 in. with fringe and a consistent 2 1/4 in. wide.  It's only flaw is a slight curve.  This will actually serve the band well when on the camera though.  Another serendipitous mistake.  I found 4 teensy weensy floats.  Only one in the webbing.  It was in the letter M on the backside and all I had to do was snip it out.  The others were in the edging.  I actually found the worst one near the fringe, so I threaded it onto a darning needle and corrected it.  The other two were so tiny I left them.  You would have to look very hard to find them.

Then I singed the fuzzies.  THEN, I found out my roommate, Carol, had a little steamer.  This thing is the bomb.  It heats up in 10 seconds flat and produces a profuse amount of steam.  I haven't been wet finishing these pieces up until now, but I definitely will from now on.  It made the yarn bloom beautifully, even though it was mercerized cotton.  It evened out all of the ridges in the weave to a consistency that is stunning.  I will be investing in one of these for my own.

Then I steamed the symbolism piece with the dog on it.  I had decided to keep it for myself and hang it in my room.  I would love to hang it with driftwood...oh yeah...I don't live in FL near the beach any more (for the first time in my life I might add).  Then I thought a piece of a cedar branch...then I thought, "what the heck I don't want to wait".  So I tied it onto the curtain rod with my curtains, which are red and purple.  The colors are great together and it looks like it belongs there.

All in all a great morning.  I get the greatest sense of satisfaction from weaving.  Now I get to plan the next piece.  

Probably a piece for an envelope bag...Then the piece for 'Relay for Life' cancer fund raiser.  

I will be pretty busy as usual.  Keeps my mind sharp.

Check out the pictures.

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