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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wonderful Wednesday Feature

It's Wednesday Etsians and you know what that means!!!  Yep it's another Wonderful Wednesday Feature Artist.  

You gotta love this one.  Her site is called "  Stupidcats"   and her work is marvelously cute (and I'm not even a cat person).    

I also follow her on Face book under the same name and I think you should too.  Her work is whimsical and wonderfully silly, just as cats are known to be.

Please visit her and like, convo or purchase. 



Krafty Max Originals said...

wonderful!!!! These cats are just TOOOOOO cute!! Thank you for showing them to us.....I'll have to run over and 'look'!!! ~KM

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is just too FUNNY ! The faces on the first and the third pictures are priceless, makes me laugh just looking at them. I can even immagine the bird ... Well, as a true cat owner and lover I will HAVE to visit her shop. Thanks so much for sharing this with us !

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