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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Square Loom/Potholder loom

My loom is home made so I don't exactly know what to call it, but I learned yesterday that because of the spacing on mine I can't use fine yarn.  Made an entirely purple piece took it off the loom and it had such a sleazy weave I had to throw it out.  Would have snagged and caught on any and everything.  Live and learn. 

Also tried to modify a lacy pattern...what a night mare.  

So today I am going to do a simple one with the technique I already know.  It is called continuous weave...as it it only uses one thread that you pull out of the skein as needed.  It is woven on the bias in this case corner to corner.  Kinda cool it is how the white one in the pics from yesterday is done. 

Then when that one is done and I have some kind of gratification out of this adventure, I am going to try the lace pattern again.  I tried to convert the pattern from a 6x6 loom to work on my 10x10 (wv size, not loom size), in hind site I think after much deliberation and thought that maybe the number of pegs on my loom are somehow the same as the 6x6's...Maybe because it is home made?  The pegs/nails are actually not all that skinny and are spaced 1/4" apart.  Also they are not spaced in 3's like store bought ones.  So I will try the pattern just as it reads and see what happens.  I don't yet fully understand the theory of warping for three layers before you weave either....lots of learning curve here... wish I just had a smaller tapestry loom that I could fit on my lap instead of just the big one.  

Here are pictures of the actual loom.

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