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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pine needle basket coiling

I have to learn everything the hard way.  LOL!  

I decided to try waxing some of my earliest pine needle pieces to see what effect would be.  HATED IT!  

I used a scented wax...I like the pine scent that the pine needles produce much better.  

I DID like that it made the piece VERY firm, however, I have completed my newest basket (man are you gonna love it) with a stitch that provides plenty of firmness all on its own.  No wax needed.

So there you have it girls and boys...I still prefer the NATURAL  results from the coiling of pine needles.  Live and learn.

Pay attention tomorrow will be posting the "  Cheery Red"   basket.  
Georgia Bulldog fans its red and black!

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